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MacBook Air review
MacBook Air review

MacBook Air review

MacBook Air review: laptop for travel

So you’ve decided to upgrade your laptop for travel, or buy your first laptop specifically for travel. Now the situation on the market is such that normal laptops for travelers can be counted on the fingers of one hand. There are either cheap netbooks that do not carry an average freelance job or expensive ones. The middle category of normal, working, reliable laptops is simply not there.

In this article I will talk about an expensive option, the MacBook Air 2013. I just call it – the perfect laptop for travel. And you know, I’m not the only one who thinks so:

laptop for travel

Without further ado, I’ll jump straight to the functionality of a laptop that’s comfortable to travel with, and all of those features are in the Mac. So let’s get started:

Screen brightness : this model has good LED backlighting, which makes it quite comfortable to work in bright sunlight right on the beach. Yes, a glossy screen takes one point away from the ideal brightness, because it adds extra glare, which sometimes makes it difficult to concentrate. Although you can also stick a matte film, I haven’t tried it myself, so I won’t say anything.

Processor : now almost all laptops are equipped with quite powerful processors. You may not even feel the difference between i3, i5, i7 (unless you work with video programs and 3D). But the air also pulls FinalCut perfectly, allowing me to edit quite dynamic videos and at the same time listen to music, surf VKontakte and other nishtyaki.

Hard Drive:  For travel, SSD is ideal. Why? Because then your laptop will not have any moving parts other than the fan.

In my previous laptops, HDDs were constantly flying, and I kept losing data. And here – quiet operation, excellent performance, and reliability. And on a journey where tough conditions will await you, constant shaking – reliability is what you need! By the way, 128 gigs are fine for me. Yes, you heard right. I watch movies online, and for the original video I take an external hard drive with me. But if there is an option to take a 256 gig model – take