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  Our next get together at "Belinda's Boudoir" is
Friday May 12th 2017

At 7:30 pm till 10:30 pm

  Our latest  meeting was a jolly good evening, although on Good Friday, we had a goodly number, everyone enjoyed the evening in the cosy atmosphere, conversation as usual, was varied and pretty constant, with everyone joining in.

My very grateful thanks to Jayne, Stacey & Toni for running the evenings whilst I am not able . 

If you would like to come along and meet others like yourself, drop me an email and I will send you details.

This newsletter is  published each month by the Third Friday of the Month           
Value & Respect.

"We seek to be valued as the unique individuals that we are,

not as other people think we ought to be!"

C o m m u n i t y  C o r n e r
  Remember that LYNX LADIES meet every third Friday of the month at Norton Disney, for all details contact

Kimberly has taken over the running of
  Cambridge Meeting
Click on the above to be taken to their website

Meetings are held every 4th Saturday of the month.
Full details on their website


Hi Belinda!
My nameís Olivia Hendriks and Iím a 3rd year Psychology student at the University of Liverpool. Iím currently doing my dissertation on Gender Dysphoria and I really need your help.

Iím trying to get transgender individuals to fill in my quick 10 minute online survey on personality traits, childhood experiences and gender role opinions, and was wondering if you could possibly ask some of your lovely members to fill it out for me? I'm struggling with getting participants, so your help would be extremely appreciated.

Itís just a link https://livpsych.az1.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_cZIQHCquFaDnQ45  so it can be shared around everywhere as liberally as you like, and the more people that fill it out the better it will be!
Transgender issues and gender are both widely misunderstood, which is why research into the area is so important. I plan on making a huge positive difference within the wonderful transgender community in the future, and this is my starting point.
Thanks for taking the time to read this and Iíll be so grateful for your help!
Best wishes,

Welcome to the February edition of the Crime, Policing and Fire News Update.
In February, the Minister for Policing and the Fire Service, Brandon Lewis, give a landmark speech in which he set out his vision for the fire and rescue sector in 2017. He set out three key areas where he wanted to see reform Ė accountability and transparency, efficiency and collaboration, and workforce reform. He announced that April will see the creation of the National Fire Chiefsí Council, which will transform the operational voice of the service, and that the Home Office is creating a new independent inspectorate for the fire service with the ambition for the first inspection to take place this year. This edition of the news update has more details of the Ministerís speech, together with details of a consultation on reforms to the re-employment of retired senior fire officers.
On 31 January, the Policing and Crime Act received Royal Assent marking another major milestone in police reform. The Act contains a wide-range of measures which will give greater protections for the vulnerable, ensure the police have the necessary powers to keep our communities safe, and overhaul the police complaints and disciplinary systems to increase accountability and improve police integrity. The Act will also enable important changes to the governance of fire and rescue services, as well as improve efficiency and effectiveness of our emergency services through greater collaboration. You can read more about the Act and its provisions in this monthís news update.
The Government is committed to keeping children and young people safe from child sexual exploitation and, on 16 February, the Home Secretary announced a £40 million package of measures to further support this work. The measures include the launch of a new Centre of Expertise on child sexual abuse, and new funding for law enforcement and organisations working to protect children from sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking, and to crack down on offenders. This monthís news update has more details on the measures announced, as well as wider work the Government is doing to tackle this horrific crime, including the Governmentís Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation: Progress Report, the second phase of the Home Officeís Disrespect NoBody campaign which seeks to prevent young people from becoming perpetrators and victims of abusive relationships, and a new campaign to encourage the public to report child abuse and neglect.
Paul Lincoln
Director General, Crime, Policing and Fire Group



We hope this email finds you well.

We are researchers at the Gender Development Research Centre, the University of Cambridge. We are now recruiting gender minority adults and cisgender adults (aged 18 years or above) to participate in an online survey looking at social adjustment and psychological well-being of gender minorities. We hope to learn more about similarities and differences between different groups and how things can be improved for gender minorities. This survey will take at least 20 minutes and all participants will be entered into a prize draw.

In our survey, gender minorities are broadly defined as individuals whose gender identity and/or expression do not conform to the norms for the individualsí sex/gender assigned at birth (e.g., individuals with gender dysphoria, transgender individuals, agender individuals, individuals with non-binary gender identities, and etc). Cisgenders refer to individuals whose gender identity matches the sex they were assigned at birth.

As part of the recruitment, we are contacting directors and/or administrative officers of societies/groups/organisations offering support and services to gender minority adults. We would be very grateful, if you could kindly consider helping us to circulate the survey web link below via mailing lists, social media, and other ways that you see fit. Potential participants will find more information about the online survey by clicking at the web link.

If you need further information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your help would be highly appreciated! Please let us know what you think.

Link to the online survey: https://cambridge.eu.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_74ohAD01zSD4aDr

Best regards,
Rowan Haslam
Cambridge Psychology: http://www.psychol.cam.ac.uk/
Cambridge Gender Development Research Centre: http://www.gdrc.psychol.cam.ac.uk/


There is little news about these days, as now we can all go out and about without much trouble. So enjoy your life. But remember, Please
 "Don't Drink & Drive"

That's all folks!, anyway, for this month.
More Next Month

Keep happy and Safe.
Belinda XX


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