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Gender Identity Research and Education Society
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GIRES TCrime.net

GIRES (www.gires.org.uk) has been awarded a grant from the Home Office to support a project we are calling ʻTCrimeʼ (www.tcrime.net).

The primary purpose of TCrime is to gather and collate valuable nationwide data (that may otherwise go unreported) for the Home Office, the Police and the Crown Prosecution Service about where trans related crime is occurring and the type of crimes that are being committed.

As a secondary aim, the reporting system will also offer the opportunity, should the
respondent wish, for GIRES to pass the information (anonymously or not) to the
police. GIRES will also, where appropriate, offer contact details for local support

GIRES hopes that this project will bring benefits for many people and organisations:

The trans community have a facility to report crime even if they do not want to notify the police directly and GIRES will signpost victims of crime to local specialist support groups,

GIRES can increase awareness of local support organisations who are well placed
to support the trans community and victims of trans related crime,

The Home Office and other agencies within the criminal justice system will get
valuable data that might not otherwise be recorded,

Individual police services will have another third party reporting option and will be
more aware of the support that the local trans groups can give their community.


The success of TCrime is dependent upon informing victims of transphobic crime, as
well as witnesses, that the TCrime reporting service is there to help them. GIRES would therefore welcome your efforts to spread the word about the TCrime service.

 If you would like further information about GIRES, please visit our website or contact us directly addresses given above.

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