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My Dad is a Tranny
By Sam, London

The first clues of my dadís new lifestyle started to appear when I received an email from him while at University in 2006. It was a standard email like any other, except it had been signed ĎStephí at the bottom. I thought, ok, thatís a bit random for my dad, maybe he was emailing someone else at the same time and he just got the names mixed up. But who forgets who they are sending an email too? Especially their son. I let it lie and didnít think any more of it.

A couple of months later I received another email, though this time there was a picture attached. It was a picture of my dad dressed as Steph. Iíd have to confess that my mouth dropped open when I first saw it. I had a thousand thoughts spinning round in my head, but ultimately I was speechless. Was this for real or was my dad playing a practical joke? Heís always been one for a laugh, thatís where my brother and I get our sense of humour from, though this seemed a bit far-fetched especially given the fact it had never been mentioned in previous conversations.

I really had no idea what kind of reaction my dad wanted from it, though it was too random for my dad to send it as a joke, I knew that much. If I recall correctly I did ponder for a while as to whether to mention it to my brother or not. Although weíve lived apart for a few years now, weíre still very close and there are never any secrets between him, my dad and me. But no I thought, Iíll leave it. If this is genuine I knew my dad would much prefer to speak to us individually. Later I was to realise that this was my dadís way of gently easing in his new lifestyle to his family.

I donít think I will ever forget the first outing I had with my dad in Blackpool dressed as Steph. Though I donít think any son would! To begin with, I quite swiftly realised I was tackling two things. Firstly, being out in public with my dad dressed in full attire wasnít something I was used to, nor was I quite sure how to act. My dad told me to just be myself, and I could still call him dad if I wanted. Iíd have to admit it would have been strange to call my dad Steph, as heís always been my dad to me and nothing else.

Secondly, we were going to a Tranny Cabaret bar. Talk about easing me in gently Dad! But I went with it, at the end of the day this was my dad, heís still the same person. If anything itís not a bad thing to broaden your perspective on life. It canít be easy for some people to have to live the double life, for the sake of their wife and kids. I know my dad cherishes every day with the thought that he doesnít have to hide Steph from his sonís, and that pleases me too as all my dad wants is to be himself and I wouldnít want him any other way.

Once we were inside the Cabaret bar, I was quite surprised to see so many couples in there, and a few old ones too. This put me at ease a little bit, Iíd have to admit. Though the flirtatious muscular trannies at the bar were definitely something else. Too outgoing for my liking, my dad had to pull one of them away from me! At least he got a laugh out of itÖ Overall it was as big an experience for me as it was for my dad. Iím sure he felt proud being out dressed as Steph with his son that night, I guess another bridge had been built rather than burnt.

But the Cabaret bar was only the beginning. My next venture out with my dad in full attire was to a local restaurant, but this time accompanied by two T.V. friends. I guess I went through similar motions that many TVís go through - dressing in your home is one thing, but going out into the big wide world is something else altogether. Iíd become used to sitting inside surrounded by my dadís feminine friends, but being seen out was a completely different experience. I felt quite strange; it was a very surreal feeling. I knew I was with my dad and his friends, yet I became very conscious of everyone else around me. Not because I was embarrassed or anything like that, if anything I felt proud that I could sit there with them, and blend in to the surroundings.

Society has always had an issue with anything thatís slightly different from anything mainstream or normal. It was my first taste of what my dad and many TVís go through I suppose, getting the odd look here and there. I felt a bit like I was under the camera being watched and not them. A little bit of paranoia maybe, but it soon wore off when Stephís friends started slagging off each otherís handbags!
Iíd have to say Iíve become quite accustom to seeing other TVís, and Steph has made many friends. Iíve lost count of the amount of times Iíve chatted on the sofa with them over cups of tea, or listened to them bitching about who dresses better than who!

To say it wasnít strange when I saw my dad dressed as Steph for the first time at his home in Blackpool, would be a lie. We had a laugh about it in the beginning, as we do about most things, though this time it was to break the ice if anything. I though he looked quite good! He was still my dad, but there was an aura of positivity around him when dressed, a confidence that said ĎI am what I am, deal with ití which I really admired in my dad. I knew, and he had also mentioned, that if we werenít happy with him being dressed, he would keep it at a distance from my brother and I. My brother is less open about it than me, but we both accept his new lifestyle as just another part of him. I know itís not a hobby, as some outsiders may see it, itís about being accepted for how someone really is and being the person you are inside. A little assertiveness never did anyone any harm.

My parents split up when I was six years old, and until leaving home at the age of nineteen I had always lived with my mum and brother. I mostly spent time with my dad on weekends, though we always had lots of mini holidays camping throughout the years, which my brother and I always enjoyed. Not having actually lived with my dad properly for such a long time, I was able to observe a kind of inside/outside view on the way his life progressed and developed. When my dad first struck up a conversation with me about his new lifestyle, I remember him saying he had had these feminine urges to dress from childhood. I had no idea! My dad has always had girlfriends, some of them more serious than others. He has two sons, which I know he loves dearly. He goes fishing and camping, and is the same as any average guy you could possibly meet on the street. So why would I notice a difference? Heís still the same person. His personality is the same; just he prefers to walk proudly down the street now as Steph, safe in the knowledge that he has found his calling in life.


Thoughts by Alice

The flower is like me in so many ways.
I think about when flowers come out in the spring,,, they come out of the ground and look very plain,,, and then all of a sudden they bloom, and look so very pretty,,, that is how I think about my coming out !!! That is why I was thinking about calling our new car,, Bloom.
,,,, flowers are so beautiful,,, and if everyone could be like that,,, it would be such a wonderful world,,, there are so many different kinds of flowers,,, and they are all beautiful !!!!!

From Mississippi  USA


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