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Who we are and what we do!

Our work was started early in 2004, seeking a suitable venue in which to hold our social support evenings, our inaugural evening had just 10 attending, today
our evenings are averaging an attendance of around 20 to 40 per evening.

We hold Social Support Evenings, Every 2nd Friday of Every month at a
Village Hall, Just out of BOSTON From 7:30 till 11:00pm. ( Since 2011, we hold meeetings in a different location, so contact us for address etc.)

These support evenings provide an opportunity for members of the
transgendered community to meet and get to know one another. To be able
to relax in the company of other like minded adults, whilst dressed in the
clothes of their choice. This opportunity each month helps to break down the
stress that is related to being a transgendered person in everyday life.

Our social support evenings provide an oasis of calm in the otherwise quite
turbulent life of a transgendered person. Many of who have to hide their
preferences from their wives, families and society in general for fear of
discovery, ridicule and harassment. Wherever possible we encourage to
wives/partners to attend so as it make an enjoyable social evening for them

We provide Tea, Coffee and soft drinks such as Orange juice and lemonade
as well as crisps, nuts and some buffet food, some of which is donated by
members attending, as many have to dash from work and miss eating so as
to be able to attend. We also run a raffle of bought & donated prizes to assist
in maintaining our financial viability.  Many attending are unable to change at
their home, so we of course provide changing facilities at the hall.
Help, advice and support is also provided to both the transgendered
community and their partners/ wives & families, by being available to provide
advice and information, by mail, e-mail, and telephone and of course, in face
to face meetings as required. The mere fact that we exist is often of the
greatest comfort to many of our community, just knowing that we are there
for them, if needed.

There is an ever-increasing demand for our Totally Free and Confidential
support services, for all transgendered persons and their families, whether it
is over the telephone, by e-mail or face-to-face meetings. Also for their
training and education services, which are in greater demand now and take
up quite a lot of additional time and resources of the committee.

We have now set up protocols with three of HM Prisons to provide support to
inmates that are transgendered whilst they are in the prison estate and then
to signpost them to other support in the area to which they are released.
Currently discussions are underway to incorporate a fourth prison.

We also act as consultants on all matters Transgender to many local
authorities, County Councils and statutory organisations like the Police,
National Health Service, Criminal Justice system and the like.

We provide benefits to the community at large by also working with many other organisations to benefit the community at large

We also look to provide a voice for the transgendered community to many of
the statutory and voluntary organisations. Our founder sits on many local &
countywide committees to try to ensure that the voice of our community is
heard and is not overlooked. As well as trying to inform others about who we
are, what we do and how we fit into the community at large.  In that effort
we are represented on many Local  & County Council led initiatives such as
the Local Strategic Partnership Groups, the countywide LGBT forums and
groups representing the LGBT community, and the Lincolnshire Compact
Steering Group and also the Independent Police Advisory Group for the
Eastern Division which includes Boston.

We seek to improve the acceptance of our community and understanding by
the public at large, by having a presence at public events with our display
stands & fundraising at events such as Boston Community Showcase and
Lincoln Pride. We have our own website and associated facilities, in fact if
you enter "Boston Belles Transgendered Support Group" into most search
engines you will have at least 100 links to try.

Transgenderism is actually a medical condition over which we do not have
control, as it is born within us. It is a part of who we are, it is part of us that
makes us the unique individuals that we are.  Transgenderism is far more
common that is usually believed, it is estimated that at least one male person
in five will, at some time in their life, experience the pressing urges to cross
dress, male to female. The figure for the female to male transgendered
person is not easily available as they are not easily distinguishable, due to
Fashion trends allowing and encouraging the female to adopt clothing that
has been predominately designed originally for the male. Thereby masking
those who are of a transgendered nature.

We would like to provide much more public awareness of our community in
seeing us assist in other spheres of the voluntary sector. The work that we
do on other committees is of great benefit to the local Lincolnshire and the wider community at large.

The number we are in contact with is increasing rapidly,

and really only represents the tip of the iceberg. We are aware that there are
a great number of transgendered in towns, like Boston, who are scared to
admit that they have the feelings of a transgendered person for fear of the
repercussions that may arise, either at work and in the family setting, but the
day will come when those feelings will need some release and we are striving
hard, to ensure that we will be there for them when needed.

2011  In view of the vast increasing cost of hiring a hall and the work involved( We are all getting older!!) Our meetings are now held at "Belinda's Boudoir" Just out of Boston.

All we seek is

To be valued and respected as the unique individuals that we are,
not as other people think we ought to be.

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